Linda Rucker


Linda grew up in New England as a young child surrounded by farm life and a strong love for all animals and adored horses. From a young age hard work and ethics were instilled in routine care of  livestock, planting a garden every year for food to eat and working for the neighbors for extra cash doing anything from mowing lawns to pitching hay. As a teen the family moved to Missouri and then finally Oklahoma as construction work provided an income for the family. Linda joined the US Army and became a paratrooper and parachute rigger and was stationed at Fort Bragg, NC where her upbringing served its purpose in tough military life.  Later on, life in Wyoming working at a coal mine was equally hard in a primarily all male field of welders and millwrights and working in all climate conditions while raising a young family, proved that if you set your mind to something and with God’s help that a person can make a difference anywhere. Also to learn to be happy where ever you may be at, even when the wind blows non stop and winters are 40 below zero. 

All of this background prepared Linda for her future in lovely sunny Florida when she moved here in 1995 as a happy transplant. From selling cars and mobile homes as a sales person to later becoming a successful mortgage originator at Bank of America and  Peoples State Bank  gave Linda a unique background to pursue real estate part time.  Linda with her husband Bryan began investing in real estate rental properties with the knowledge learned from mortgage lending and part time real estate.  During the recession and after, Linda currently has a successful business raising boston terrier dogs and plans a future doing full time what she loves and that is helping people live and dream in rural America.  Farms, Ranches, Timber lands and a place to live where a person can raise a family and enjoy the great outdoors is a driving force behind Linda’s daily desire to help people in the real estate market of today.  Please give her a call and allow her and her team to help make your dreams become a reality whether you are buying or selling or just need a few honest answers about your property or one you are looking at.